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Time to move on from military marketing

[ photo courtesy ] The below post is cross-posted from the newly launched WARC blog, where I’ll be posting the occasional ramble – nothing remotely groundbreaking here for regular readers, but musings I thought worth raising for the WARC audience:   It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the holy grail for marketers is engagement – to […]

Social Media 09 (and thoughts for 2010)

The lovely folks at Mashup* asked if I would do a brief intro to social, to set up the afternoon of case studies and presentations at Social Media 09. The deck is on slideshare and the full presentation is here, if you’d like to see how to raise a gasp from a room of ‘social […]

Are we losing focus on what social’s all about?

Following the IPA Social event, the nice folks at the IPA asked if I’d write a short piece for their newsletter about ‘social’ to highlight some of the thinking that the awesome IPA Social crew have started to kick off with the 10 principles -the below post is shamelessly cross-posted from the IPA’s AdNews newsletter: […]

IPA Social Principle 05 – Marketing with people not to people

[ photo courtesy ] You’ll no doubt have seen a few posts referencing the IPA Social initiative – well now it’s all kicking off, and this is where we hope to make this a really social endeavour. I’m thrilled to be a part of this project; I hope you’ll join in too. On October 6th […]

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